Firewalk Gift Voucher (2021)

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A really unusual gift, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience :)  

This voucher is valid for any public firewalk at Tir na nOg in 2021 (dates on website/Facebook, usually every 6 weeks minimum - 2021 dates are still pending until we get a likely timescale for Covid guidelines allowing outdoor events - we will extend vouchers if dates continue to be affected).  Early booking is recommended, as places are subject to availability.

 The Firewalk ceremony is a symbolic rite of passage into a new way of being.  Just as wildfires in nature burn away the dead and lifeless debris of the land and fertilise it with ash, leaving space for sunlight and rain to reach the seeds of new growth, so the firewalk allows us to release energetic and emotional burdens to the Fire, and make way for new beginnings.  Participants will have the uplifting experience of making a physical commitment to their chosen path forward – clarifying their vision for the future, and gathering all their courage, passion and focus into taking that first step towards it, knowing that – as in life – there are risks involved and fears to be faced in order to make dreams come true.

In the moment of choosing to walk on fire, we give ourselves an opportunity to affirm our trust in our own power and magic, to demonstrate our ability to use our fear for transformation, and to rekindle our passion for our visions of what could be.


The Practical Details:  A firewalk event takes place over the course of an evening.  A large fire - usually around 1 - 1.5 cubic metres of hardwood logs - will be lit around 7.30pm.  Over the course of the next 2 hours, as the fire burns at approximately 1200˚ Fahrenheit, the participants will work through various processes which will help them to create a really positive, inspiring vision of what their firewalk symbolises for them, and face the fears and doubts that the prospect of walking on red hot coals may bring up.  When the fire has burned down to a large pile of hot coals, they will be raked out into a pathway of around 6-8 feet in length, and participants will choose their own moment to walk barefoot over the fire. 

The experience is not just a dramatic feat of courage and commitment, but also an evening of setting positive goals for the future, and letting go of old blocks and fears.


We will post out a voucher for you to gift, or it can be sent direct as you prefer.